Beyond “Tolerance”: Living Together with Migrants – A Multimedia Documentary

Mekong Migration Network (MMN) presents a multimedia documentary on the social inclusion of migrants as part of its ongoing project, “Beyond ‘Tolerance’: Working Hand-in-Hand to Promote the Social Inclusion of Migrants and Their Families,” supported by the Toyota Foundation.

Over the last few decades millions of people have migrated between Mekong countries and beyond in search of security and a better life. Millions of migrants live “side-by-side” with local communities but not “together.” This creates a sense of isolation and prevents them from playing a more visible role as members of a community. Little attention has been given to the social inclusion of migrants and what needs to be done to go beyond “tolerance” and embrace the friendship and contributions migrants bring to society.

We hope that this documentary will generate broader discussion on what needs to change. Together we can build communities that go beyond “tolerance.”

This documentary will be launched at photo exhibitions in Bangkok (8-16 October), Phnom Penh (21-23 October), and Yangon (28-30 October). For more information on these events visit: