Proceedings of MMN Multistakeholder Workshop on Labour Migration from Cambodia and Vietnam to Japan

On 24 November 2021, Mekong Migration Network (MMN) convened a Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Labour Migration from Cambodia and Vietnam to Japan. The workshop focused on two major themes: First, migration costs to Japan; and second, information dissemination concerning migrants’ rights to health, including reproductive health and Covid-19 matters, for migrants in Japan.

These themes have been selected, as they are among the most pressing issues facing migrants in Japan and have been identified by MMN as issues that stakeholders in countries of origin can play a significant role in solving.

The workshop was attended by more than 90 representatives from key migration stakeholders, including officials from the governments of Japan, Cambodia and Vietnam; intergovernmental organizations; migration advocates; recruitment agencies; employers; and academic experts.

Click here to read the report and the digest video of the workshop is available here.