Labour Migration from Mekong Countries of Origin to Japan

Cambodian, Myanmar, and Vietnamese nationals are migrating to work in Japan in greater number in recent years. The number of migrants from these three GMS countries of origin are expected to continue increasing in the coming years due to rising demands for foreign workers in Japan. The objective of this report is to consolidate and synthesise information on labour migration from Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam to Japan mainly under the Technical Intern Training Program (TITP) and the Specified Skilled Worker (SSW), and identify issues faced by migrant workers originating from the three countries of origin, both during recruitment processes and when they are employed in Japan.

This study was conducted by drawing primary source information from a series of multi-stakeholder workshops organized in Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Japan between October 2018 to July 2019, as well as consultation with different migrant-supporting groups and home visits to migrant workers during MMN country visits. It also shares research findings with another MMN study entitled Social Protection Across Borders: Roles of Mekong Countries of Origin in Protecting Migrants’ Rights, which focuses on role of GMS countries of origin in improving accesses to social protection programmes, both at home and overseas.

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