Update: V&K Pineapple Canning Factory

January 25th 2011

V & K Pineapple Canning Factory Workers Return to Work After 700 Burmese workers at the V & K Pineapple Canning Factory in Ratchburi went out on strike yesterday to protest the violence against two of the Burmese workers and the poor conditions in the factory, a senior manager met with seven of the leaders in the evening to negotiate.

The senior manager sacked the Thai workers who had beaten up the Burmese workers, and responded positively to the other demands and the workers returned to work this morning.
The agreement between the workers and the senior manager, as reported to Map Foundation and Yaung Chi Oo Workers Association by the workers, included
1.      Workers would be paid full overtime fees of 31 baht an hour with payment voucher instead of the previous 20baht an hour with no payment voucher
2.      Workers should calculate all monies owing to them including the amount of money that has been deducted from their wages and the difference between the actual overtime payment and the legal amount, and the factory will reimburse them
3.      The factory would build ten more toilets by February 24th 2011
4.      The factory would arrange transport for workers who need medical treatment
5.      The factory will place a complaints box in the factory for the workers to post complaints The workers are currently cautiously optimistic that their demands have been heard and that action is being taken to respond to them but they are refraining from any celebration until the end of next month. By that time, they should have ten new toilets, a much bigger pay package with proper documentation and they should have received their back pay. They have kept their word and returned to work, they are trusting that the managers will also keep their word and comply with the agreement.

V&K Pineapple Canning Factory produces canned pineapples and dehydrated fruits which are exported worldwide including Europe, America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
For further information contact:
Moe Swe (Yaung Chi Oo Workers Association): +66894840725
Suttipong: (MAP Foundation): +66815951366