To the Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva,


The Action Network for Migrants (Thailand) and the Mekong Migration Network, representing migrants and refugees in Thailand and the Mekong, are deeply concerned that the treatment of migrants and refugees in Thailand is inconsistent and thus does not adhere to prevailing international human rights standards. Without a coherent policy, the treatment of refugees and migrants has been left to the discretionary judgment of government officials to deal with situations as they arise.

We are particularly concerned about the recent reports that in late December 2008, allegedly 427 Rohingya were forcefully sent back to International water by Thai authorities, whereby only 102 survived when they were rescued by Indian Coast Guards. The others are feared dead.

‘Local human rights groups who have interviewed survivors, say Rohingya refugees from Burma, were held on the remote Koh Sai Daeng off southern Thailand in December, forced back on boats with their hands bound and set adrift with little food and water…’ Bangkok Post, 18/1/2009 – Alleged abuse of refugees probed, Thai Military Accused of Role in Deaths of Hundreds of Burmese Boat People

In the same Bangkok Post report, it was also revealed that there was another incident just before the New Year, when the Thai authorities towed 600 Burmese migrants out to sea in four boats. Allegedly, one of these boats is still missing and more than 200 Burmese refugees on board are now feared dead.

ANM and MMN is pleased that the Thai government has indicated that they will be investigating the matter, but it is felt that since the alleged perpetrators are the Thai Navy and/or the Thai Immigration Authority, we believe that this investigation should not be done by a government Ministry, but rather a multi-sectoral commission that should conduct its inquiry in an open and transparent manner.

It is our position that the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand should also conduct their own independent inquiry.

ANM and MMN also call upon the Thai government to immediately adopt the position that it will not in the future set any persons, including refugees and asylum seekers, adrift in sea. The Thai government should allow these people to land, and should adhere to the highest standards of rights and justice including its commitment as contained in the 1999 Bangkok Declaration on Irregular Migration, where persons will be ‘…granted humanitarian treatment, including appropriate health and other services…” There should be no unfair treatment.

The Thai Government must Protect the security, safety and well-being of the Rohingya who are currently seeking safety and refuge on Thai soil. They should be provided with all the basic facilities and support needed for survival in accordance with international humanitarian standards and principles.

ANM and MMN also call upon the Thai government to immediately set up a joint government and non-government committee to produce a coherent national policy for welfare and protection to avoid future incidents and oversee/ monitor the treatment of asylum-seekers and migrants in Thailand.

In order to guarantee the future systematic protection of all refugees and migrants, we strongly urge the Thai Government to immediately ratify the International Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees and the International Convention on the Protection of Rights of Migrants and their families (1990).

Finally, the Action Network for Migrants (Thailand) and the Mekong Migration Network implores Thai Government to call on all governments of ASEAN to condemn and call for a complete cessation to all human rights abuses carried out by the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) that remains the root cause forcing people to flee to the other countries of ASEAN.

Yours sincerely
Committee of The Action Network for Migrants (Thailand)
Steering committee of Mekong Migration network

1. The National Human Rights Commission of Thailand
2. Ministry of Foreign Affair
3. Ministry of Defense

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