Photo Exhibition & Documentary, “Beyond ‘Tolerance’: Living Together with Migrants”, YANGON, 28-30 OCTOBER

Beyond “Tolerance”: Living Together with Migrants

YANGON, Myanmar

Opening Event: 28 October 2016 | 2pm – 5pm

Photo Exhibition: 29 – 30 October 2016 | Sat – Sun | 10am – 5pm

Informal talk with MMN and the photographer: 29 – 30 October 2016 | Sat – Sun | 3pm – 5pm

Location: Myanmar Deitta | 3rd Floor, Number 49, 44th Street, Yangon

The Mekong Migration Network (MMN) presents a photo exhibition and multimedia documentary, in collaboration with documentary photographer John Hulme, next Friday, 28 October, in Yangon.

“Beyond ‘Tolerance’: Living Together with Migrants” is part of an MMN collaborative project examining the impact of social exclusion on migrants from the Mekong. MMN and photographer John Hulme visited Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan to learn from the experiences of migrant workers, migrant returnees, and migrants’ families. The project documented the social exclusion many migrants face, including the challenges of reintegrating into society upon return to their home countries.

Next Friday, 28 October, the photo exhibition and multimedia documentary, which capture some of the aspirations and struggles of Mekong migrants, will be launched and followed by a public discussion on the issue of enhancing social inclusion amongst migrant returnees in Myanmar.

Speakers include representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population, International Labour Organization, 88 Generation Peace and Open Society, Cambodia Women’s Crisis Center, and Myanmar’s migrant community.

We hope that the event and exhibition will help generate broader discussion on what needs to change so that we can go beyond “tolerance” and embrace the friendship and contributions migrants bring to society.

For more information please contact:

(Burmese language) Thet Thet Aung, 88 Generation Peace and Open Society,, +959794932344.

(English language) Rebecca Napier-Moore, Mekong Migration Network Associate,, +66888936068.

(English and Thai language) Omsin (Plaii) Boonlert, Mekong Migration Network Research and Advocacy Officer,, +6686 923 8313.