Workshop on Social Security System policies and procedures for migrant workers

As the Covid-19 pandemic is surging, protecting vulnerable rights for persons such as migrant workers is urgently needed. The Social Security System in Thailand is a vital instrument for ensuring the social security of migrant workers. Given the complex enrollment system for migrant workers due to the Covid-19 situation, MMN recognized the importance of updating the latest policies and procedures, including eligibility, claiming benefits, and enforcement.


On 10 November 2021, MMN organized a Social Social Security System workshop for MMN partners. This workshop aimed to give MMN partners a better understanding of the latest policies and procedures. The Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) advocating for migrants’ rights in the Mekong region need this information to strengthen ongoing efforts in information dissemination and promotion of migrants’ right to social protection.  More than 30 participants from Civil Society Organisations in the Mekong subregion participated in this workshop.


In this workshop, MMN invited a resource person from the Social Security Office, Ms.Benjawan Sangpeaw, Inspector General of the Social Security Office, to give participants a clearer understanding of the social security system in Thailand available for migrant workers. The presentation from the Social Security Office focused on two parts. First, it discussed Social Security benefits and Compensation Fund benefits. Second, it presented requirements and procedures for migrant workers’ enrollment in the Social Social Security System.


In the Question and Answer session, participants raised some questions about the difficulties and obstacles that hinder migrant workers from enrolling into the Social Social Security System and claiming the benefits. The resource person from the Social Social Security Office received these concerns, answered pertinent questions, and mentioned some upcoming news features to improve the Social Security System.