The Development of Migration Policies Concerning Vietnamese Migrant Workers in Thailand

The Mekong Migration Network (MMN) organised a consultation meeting in 2018 to discuss the impacts of current migration policies in Thailand. During the meeting, representatives of Vietnamese Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) highlighted concerns about the lack of existing information on Vietnamese migrants’ experiences and the inadequate policy measures that respond to their needs. As a result, MMN agreed to undertake the following research to explore the recruitment process and working conditions of Vietnamese migrants in order to better understand their perspectives and needs.

The following report is primarily based on a review of existing literature, including newspaper articles, government reports, academic papers and reports by inter-governmental organisations, as well as an interview with a representative from the Vietnamese Embassy in Thailand. Given the nature of this methodology, the intention of this report is not to provide a detailed primary research analysis on Vietnamese migrants in Thailand. Instead, by illuminating understudied concerns of migrant realities in Thailand, the findings of this report should serve as the basis to further investigate whether the rights of the Vietnamese migrants are being adequately protected, given that the needs of the community have long gone unnoticed.

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