Who is the alien? MMN Information Booth @ ICAAP

MMN is attending the 11th International Conference on HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific from 18 to 22 November in Bangkok. After two days of the Community Forum on 18 and 19 November, community representatives submitted a statement to UNAIDS expressing their frustration with the continued barriers to eliminating AIDS-related discrimination, infections and deaths.

The formal part of the Conference opened on the evening of 19 November with a parade through the streets of Bangkok.

MMN has a booth in the Asia-Pacific Village designed to raise some questions about migration and belonging, called No Human is an Alien. Come and find out who is the alien with our photo wall!


ICAAP continues until Friday 22 November with information booths, the Asia-Pacific Village marketplace, interactive sessions in the networking zones, and many other fun activities! We hope to meet you here!