Proceedings of the Mekong Symposium on Migration: “Embracing Diversity”: Seeking Multicultural Values and Mutual Understanding (2014)

This is a publication of the proceedings of the Mekong Symposium on Migration titled, “Embracing Diversity: Seeking Multicultural Values and Mutual Understanding”, held on 27-28 October 2014, in Bangkok, Thailand. The symposium was organised by MMN in collaboration with the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Chulalongkorn University, and the Foundation for Migrants from the Mekong Neighbourhood. The proceedings include the key points presented by resource persons, discussants, highlights of open discussions, and the final recommendations.

The symposium was attended by over 50 people, including representatives from the Thai Ministry of Education, community-based organisations, International NGOs, intergovernmental organisations, educational institutions, and universities.

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