Health Access for Migrants from the Mekong Neighbourhood: With or Without Borders? (2013)

Health Access for Migrants from the Mekong Neighborhood is an analysis of the state of health care for migrants living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Mekong Subregion. Published in November 2013, it outlines the current demographics of migrants living with HIV/AIDS throughout the region. The report brings to light the difficulties many migrants face in accessing health care. It goes on to describe the ways national governments and NGOs have attempted to aid vulnerable populations through education and subsidised antiretroviral treatments, but also emphasises that there is need to better facilitate migrant access to health care providers and dismantle the many barriers they face. As stated in the Memorandum of Understanding on Joint Action to Reduce HIV Vulnerability Associated with Population Movement: “Within the GMS the need for joint action for HIV prevention and better access to treatment, care and support is increasingly articulated at national and provincial (border provinces) levels, especially in contexts where migrants and mobile populations face barriers to accessing services in destination countries.”

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