Social Security - Overview


The Cambodian National Social Security Fund (NSSF) scheme explicitly provides for the following benefits:

(1) Pension
(2) Survivor’s benefit
(3) Injury/ Disability benefit

The Cambodian NSSF comprises a health and social action fund for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, vocational rehabilitation and retraining, the compilation of research and statistics and vocational health and safety campaigns. Additionally, the fund is to be used to facilitate co-operation and dialogue with private and public organisations working in the health and social action areas. Employers and workers are required to make compulsory contributions to the NSSF.

In China, the basic pension insurance premiums are paid jointly by employing entities and workers. Chinese labour legislation states that workers will receive social insurance benefits in the following circumstances:

(1) retirement;
(2) illness or injury;
(3) disability caused by work-related injury or occupational disease;
(4) unemployment; and
(5) at child birth.

In China the surviving family of insured labourers who die are entitled to receive subsidies under the scheme.

In Lao PDR, employers and employees are both required to participate in the compulsory social security scheme. Lao legislation stipulates that insured persons, their spouses and their children under the age of 18 years are entitled to receive health care benefits, in addition to the following benefits:

(1) Death/ funeral benefit
(2) Health care
(3) Temporary loss of working capacity/sickness benefit
(4) Maternity benefit
(5) Occupational accident or disease benefit
(6) Permanent loss of working capacity benefit
(7) Retirement pension
(8) Survivors’ benefit
(9) Child Allowance
(10) Unemployment benefit

In Thailand, the Government, an employer and an insured person contribute equally to the Fund at the rate prescribed by the Ministerial Regulations for the payment of benefits relating to injury, sickness, invalidity, death and maternity. An insured person is entitled to receive the following benefi ts:

(1) injury or sickness benefits;
(2) maternity benefits;
(3) invalidity benefits;
(4) death benefits;
(5) child benefits;
(6) old-age benefits;
(7) unemployment benefits

In Vietnam compulsory contributions must be paid by an employer and employee where the employee works under a fixed term contract. Contributions are made on a voluntary basis only where the employee is under a definite fixed term labour contract with a duration of less than three months, or is in a seasonal job. Benefits under the Social Security scheme include:

(1) Illness
(2) Work-related Death or injury
(3) Survivor’s
(4) Maternity
(5) Pension

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