Recruitment - Overview


In Cambodia, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour and Veterans Affairs is in charge of managing and sending local workers to work abroad. Any person looking for employment in Cambodia can request to be registered with the Placement Office of the Ministry in Charge of Labor or with the Employment Office of his province or municipality. Additionally, as at November 2010, there were 32 private recruitment agencies operating with a license from the Cambodian Government to recruit, train and send Cambodia migrant workers abroad.

In China, the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA)-China Overseas Employment Agency Association is a state funded organisation legally authorised by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce to manage and issue licenses to all employment agencies involved with overseas deployment of Chinese nationals. Job introduction agencies run by private individuals, other organisations and individuals who have not obtained such licences shall not be allowed to engage in providing intermediary services. For employment of foreigners within China, Chinese labour legislation stipulates that a post that is to be filled by a foreigner must be one of special need that cannot be filled by a domestic candidate.

In a 2008 factsheet on Lao PDR, the ILO stated that there are nine recruitment agencies operating in the country, six of which are privately run, and three of which are state-owned. The sending of Laotian workers to work abroad has to be done selectively, in accordance with regulations, and with the authorisation of the labour administration agency. All recruitment agencies that supply labour either domestically or internationally have to be authorised by the labour administration agency. While employers may hire foreign workers as required, the Laotian Labour Laws state that they should give preference to Laotian citizens where possible, particularly persons who are being targeted by poverty alleviation programs.

In Thailand, any person wishing to employ an alien in his business in the Kingdom may submit an application on behalf of the alien to the Director-General or official entrusted by the Director-General. Foreigners must have a place of residence in Thailand and have permission to stay in the country not as a tourist in order to be granted an employment permit. Thai workers can work overseas where an overseas employment licensee registers with the Central Registration office. Overseas licensees may request permission from the Registrar to enrol job-seekers in advance.

The Vietnamese Labour Code states that the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs is mandated to carry out State administration of employment service agencies. The Government overseas the establishment and operation of employment service agencies. These have a duty to provide consultancy services, to introduce employment to workers, to supply and recruit labour at the request of employers, and to collect and provide information on the labour market. Vietnamese citizens who are aged eighteen (18) years or over, who have the ability to work, who voluntarily agree and satisfy all other standards and conditions in accordance with Vietnamese laws and the laws and requirements of the foreign party may work in a foreign country. Overseas recruitment agencies must have an operating permit issued by a competent body in charge of State administration of labour.

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