Burma (Myanmar)

Relevant Legislation
Labour Organisation Law (the Pyidaungsa Hluttaw Law No. 7/2011)1

Types of Disputes

The 2011 Labour Organisation Law recognises lock-outs and strikes as types of labour disputes. A lock-out is defined under Article 2(f) as ‘the temporary closing of the work place of any trade, suspension of work or refusal by the employer to allow the workers at the work site to continue to work in consequence of the situation of any dispute of the employer and workers which remains in dispute’.

Resolution of Disputes

Article 19 of the newly passed Labour Organisation Law, stipulates that labour organisations ‘have the right to send representatives to the Conciliation Body in settling a dispute between the employer and the worker. Similarly they have the right to send representatives to the Conciliation Tribunals formed with the representatives from the various levels of labour organisations’.

1Labour Organization Law of Myanmar 2011