MOFA monitoring migrant workers in Thailand

Cambodian officials in Thailand are monitoring and verifying the number of Covid-19 cases among Cambodian migrant workers, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry spokesman Koy Kuong yesterday said: “The Thai authorities will treat all foreign migrant workers free of charge with the same care as Thai citizens.”

“The (Cambodian) Embassy is paying the utmost attention to helping all Cambodian migrants in Thailand,” he said, adding that the embassy is ready to assist all Cambodian workers there.

Cambodian Ambassador in Thailand Ouk Sorphorn yesterday visited Cambodian workers following their request for help published by Khmer Times on Friday over their concerns about the Covid-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, more Cambodian workers in Thailand are worried about Covid-19 because some  Cambodian workers have died.

Reth Phanna, who has worked at a food package factory in Bangkok since 2019, said that with  Covid-19 in Thailand increasing everyday , it is making him very stressed with no work or income last month.

Nai Vanak is the latest Cambodian worker to die of Covid-19. She died in Bangkok on Sunday.

Other Cambodian workers are still seeking jobs in Thailand even though it is not safe for them with the current outbreak.

Migrant workers who try to cross illegally are at high-risk to get Covid-19 once they are in Thailand where they can be exposed to Covid-19 from others workers, said migrant worker Chan Moa.

He said most of the workers have to face 14-days quarantine upon entering Thailand before they are allowed to have a job there.

The Thai Ministry of Health has a mobile team that goes around to all migrant workers, both legal and illegal, to screen them for Covid-19.

Ministry official Chawetsan Namwat said: “We are worried so much about migrant workers’ health that we cannot have anyone who gets Covid-19 go without treatment.”

“We cannot let any workers die without support from health officials and most importantly we have to rescue people,” said Namwat.