Introduction of the online Speaking of Migration

MMN published “Speaking of Migration: Mekong Vocabulary on Migration” booklet in September 2011 and launched this online version of the printed booklet in December 2011. The online Speaking of Migration: Mekong Vocabulary on Migration includes approximately 117 terms on migration issues translated into Burmese, Chinese, Khmer, Lao, Thai and Vietnamese. All terms are listed in the alphabetical order of the seven languages, following the Index of the printed booklet so as to make it easier for readers to search terms and definitions in one of the seven languages mentioned above. For instance, when a reader clicks a term in Burmese, its definition in Burmese language, as well as in other six languages, appears on the main page and a list of terms arranged in alphabetical order of Burmese language is listed on the right side of the main page. The user can scroll down the list and easily search his/her preferred terms in Burmese.

It also has a new section on “Terms to Avoid”, which was not included in the original book. The purpose of this new section is to raise awareness among media, policy makers, and other stakeholders and to promote just, fair and inclusive attitudes towards migration and migrants within Mekong governments and communities. The section on “Terms to Avoid”, new migration terms in Mekong countries and new examples of usage of Terms will be regularly updated on the online version.