Neighbours in Need: Examining Thailand's Response to Mixed Migration from Post-Coup Myanmar

MMN publishes research documenting Thailand’s response to mixed migration from post-coup Myanmar.

2021 military coup in Myanmar has triggered mass mixed migration. The post-coup violence, economic collapse and humanitarian catastrophe inside Myanmar have prompted ever-larger numbers of people to cross borders in search of safety, survival and sustainable livelihoods. Those seeking to migrate from Myanmar currently have very few options and are caught between a slow and expensive labour migration scheme run by the junta or risking dangerous clandestine journeys across increasingly militarized borders.

Deeply concerned about this situation, MMN has produced this research paper with the following objectives in mind. First, the paper seeks to gain a better understanding of Thailand’s policy approach vis-à-vis Myanmar migrants entering Thailand since the coup; second, it seeks to develop concrete recommendations aimed at policymakers to improve the situation for these migrants; and finally, the paper aims to serve as a tool for MMN and other migrants’ rights organisations to develop more effective advocacy strategies.

Click here to read the full report and an executive summary of the report in Burmese and Thai is also available.