WE Generation Network

WE Generation Network was initiated following the Tairi Labor Union formation and Haimo Factory artificial hairs production workers’ strike on 10th May 2012, and grew alongside labor rights movements of workers from various factories located in Hlaing Tharyar. 

Starting from February 2012, WE Generation Network provides services including: (a) Capacity building trainings for workers; (b) Assistance in Labor Union Formation; (c) Legal assistance to workers in case of labor disputes; (d) Advocacy for writing new laws protecting labor rights & lives; and (e) Holding workshops and events relates to workers. The most prioritised activities are the promotion of legal protection on labor unions, advocacy for the Minimum Wages Law and the setting of minimum wages, and the amendment of the 2008 Constitution.

WE Generation Network helped form many labor unions, including All Myanmar Trade Unions Network (AMTUN) consisting of allied labor unions that organised on May Day in 2013. From 2017-18, WE Generation Network helped in the formation of unions and federation for basic education staff. Since June 2016, WE Generation Network has established an office for managing the response to labor affairs.

WE Generation’s Facebook page is accessible here.