Future Light Centre

Future Light Centre (FLC) was founded by former political prisoners in early December, 2011. Their aim is to politically pressure the governments and organisations for the remaining political prisoners in each prison, to provide social and medical assistance to political prisoners, and to support former political prisoners and their family members as active participants in the political process by providing rehabilitation through sharing knowledge, building capacity and providing health care.

Since it was founded, FLC has been providing assistance not only to political prisoners and their family members, but also to workers and migrant workers. FLC consists of activists who are working to build a more peaceful society by fulfilling social needs which align with human rights standards – they fight for workers by protecting and providing assistance effectively, to ensure workers enjoy their rights in accordance with international standards.

FLC implements its projects by educating, advocating, mobilising, forming alliances, and finding solutions through negotiation and in ways without violence. FLC is a collective based not on ethnicity or religion, but on respect, recognition, understanding and unity. FLC values democracy, peace, justice, and recognising everyone’s humanity and equality.

FLC’s Facebook page is accessible here.