Invitation to THE DOUBLE LAUNCH OF RegularRights: How becoming legal is not all its made out to be & The Arrest, Detention and Deportation Website



RegularRights: How becoming legal is not all its made out to be  &

The Arrest, Detention and Deportation Website

International Migrants Day, December 18th, Holiday Garden Hotel, Huey Kaew Rd, Chiang Mai

9.30 am – 12.00 midday in English and Thai

Migrant workers have been told that by December 14th they must be documented or leave and apply for a passport and work permit from their home countries. But what are the incentives for migrants to become documented? Have other documentation procedures provided enough benefits to persuade migrants to invest in this process or have the past experiences of registering or verifying their nationality left migrants disillusioned with the whole idea of seeking legal status?  What are the impacts of threats of deportation on the lives and mental health or migrants and what are the impacts of actual deportations on migrants, the Thai economy and the stability of the transition period in Burma? These are some of the questions that will be addressed at the launch.

9.30am Double Launch

  • Presentation of the Findings from the RegularRights study: MAP Foundation

The REGULARRIGHTS paper compares and analyses the benefits and drawbacks of three different migration statuses, namely being undocumented, being registered with a migrant workers card  and holding a Temporary Passport through the Nationality verification process using information supplied by over 500 migrants who shared their experiences. 

  • Launch of the new Arrest, Detention and Deportation (ADD) special section of the Mekong Migration Network ( website

The  website provides alerts about the most recent facts and figures surrounding the deportation of migrants in the region, well as research findings, news and resources relating to ADD.

11.00am Question and Answer followed by lunch

For further information contact:

Ms Jackie Pollock, MAP,, ph:0860904118

Ms Omsin Boonlert (Thai),MMN / ph: 086 923 8313

Ms Jessica Marsh (English),MMN: / ph: 086 416 8280

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