Vacancy Announcement – PART TIME PROJECT OFFICER – “Embracing Diversity” Project

The Foundation for Migrants from the Mekong Neighbourhood (MMN Foundation) in coordination with the Mekong Migration Network (MMN) is hiring for the position of PART-TIME PROJECT OFFICER. The position requires the successful applicant to be based in the MMN secretariat office in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and work for 3 days a week (24 hours) for 18 weeks from 24 February 2014 to the end of June 2014. The schedule for her/his working days can be discussed before signing a contract. There is no special support (i.e. support for a visa, travelling costs etc.) for people applying for this position from overseas or other provinces. Leave benefits apply on a pro-rata basis. This is an 18-week fixed term contract with a monthly wage of 14,400 baht.

Position Description:

The MMN Foundation and its larger network, MMN have been working on projects with the partner members to explore the concept of living together and how to further social integration in the region. In February 2013, MMN organised the Mekong Symposium on Migration: Migrants from the Mekong Neighborhood Living Together in Bangkok, Thailand, which was attended by 72 participants, to discuss integration and living together in relation to the movement and mobility of people in the Mekong sub-region[1]. The participants of the Symposium developed a comprehensive set of recommendations, including a recommendation encouraging the development of educational materials on multi-culturalism and to promote greater awareness of how migration and mobility of peoples in the Mekong region have enriched the cultures and way of life in the region.

Following this initiative, MMN is now embarking on a project to develop a set of resources which may be used in educational establishments in the region which will include:

a)      An illustrated book for children aged 7-8 years on multi-culturalism and living together with different cultures and nationalities (“children’s book”); and
b)      A set of lesson plans, handouts, activities and resources on the history of migration in the Mekong, for children aged 10-11 years (“lesson plans”).

For further details, please see the Concept paper: “Embracing Diversity” Project here.

The MMN Project Officer who will be appointed for this position will concentrate on producing the “lesson plans” described above in consultation with project partners. His/her general responsibilities will include the following:

  1. To actively develop strategies to implement the objectives and work plan of the project, in consultation with the MMN Regional Coordinator, MMN Steering Committee and the project partners;
  2. To carry out research necessary to develop migration lesson plans;
  3. To identify two schools in Chiang Mai to be involved in the project, liaise with the schools and incorporate inputs from the school (e.g. appropriate length of lessons, size of classes, methodologies etc.) into draft lesson plans;
  4. To develop lesson plans, test the draft lesson plans at the two partner schools, and make final adjustments as suggested from the participants and observers (e.g. students, teachers etc.).
  5. To coordinate the work of volunteer(s) assisting the project[2].

Specific tasks will be set out in a job description which will be shared with the successful candidate.

Final outcome: Final draft of lesson plans on migration history aimed at children aged 10-11 years, for possible future inclusion in school curriculums in countries in the Mekong sub-region.

Required Competencies:

The successful candidate MUST meet the following requirements:

  1. Proficiency in written and oral Thai as well as English;
  2. Proven skills in developing lesson plans, curriculum or training modules;
  3. At least one (1) year of professional work experience in the field of migration, preferably including working with migrant children;
  4. Ability to work within agreed timelines;
  5. Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment, independently and with a diverse team; and
  6. Agreement with MMN’s principles and objectives.

Candidates with the following skills in addition to above will be preferably considered:

  1. Master’s degree in an area related to the above mentioned lesson plans such as history, geography, migration studies, development studies, human rights, education etc.;
  2. Good research and writing skills;
  3. Practical teaching experience with children, including migrant children; and
  4. Good understanding of the school system in Thailand.

To apply: Please send your bio-data/CV and letter of application to  The main documents (CV, cover letter) must be submitted in English while supporting documents may be submitted in either English or Thai.

Only those shortlisted will be notified.

Deadline for submission: 16 February 2014.

[1] The details of the Symposium can be found in the proceedings of “Mekong Symposium on Migration: Migrants from the Mekong Neighbourhood Living Together – Seeking Effective Responses to Enable Integration and Social Cohesion”, available for download at

[2] There will be a volunteer assisting the project from February to April 2014. The project officer shall assign tasks that can be carried out by the volunteer and coordinate her/his work.